Image Compression Scheme For Multimedia SensorNetwork Using Principle Component Analysis


  • S. Elamparuthi Assistant Professor, PG Department of Computer Science, Government Arts College, Chidambaram608 102, Tamilnadu
  • N. Puviarasan Professor, Division of Computer and Information Science, Faculty of Science, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar – 608 002, Tamilnadu


Image Compression, Multimedia Sensor Network, Principle Component Analysis, Discrete Tchebichef Transformation, Compression Ratio


Distributed multimedia senor network is the combination of wireless sensor network and multimode cooperative model. Implementing image compression in multimedia network has depends energy, memory and computational time. We propose principle component analysis method for balancing energy consumption, sensor life time and image processing methods. Principle component analysis method is to provide machine learning and image dimensionality reduction procedures. In this paper, we used Discrete Tchebichef Transformation (DTT) for implementing image compression in multimedia networks. The video sequence is collected from
networks and applies principle component method for transformation. The sensing algorithm is verified by using single value decomposition results. Simulation results are tested by using MATLAB. The results are compared with previous compression techniques and our proposed model has higher peak values and good compression ratio.




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S. Elamparuthi, & N. Puviarasan. (2023). Image Compression Scheme For Multimedia SensorNetwork Using Principle Component Analysis. Chinese Journal of Computational Mechanics, (5), 14–20. Retrieved from