Efficient Solar Panel Tilting Mechanism Using See-Saw Algorithm (Ssa)


  • D. Napoleon Associate Professor, Dept of Computer Science, Bharathiar University
  • R. Gopal Research Scholar, Dept of Computer Science, Bharathiar University


Sun Tacking, See-Saw Algorithm, Cost Efficient Tiltilg, Weight Balancing Model, Time Trigger Model.


Tilting solar panels refer to the aptitude to adjust the viewpoint at which the panels are positioned relative to the sun's rays. This allows for the optimization of energy production by ensuring that the panels are always facing directly towards the sun, maximizing the quantity of sunlight they receive. Tilting can be accomplished manually or finished the usage of a motorized system. Dual-axis solar panels were invented in the initial 2000s and have since evolved to become an additional well-organized and effective way to generate solar power. The basic principle of tracking the sun to increase energy production has remained the same, but the technology has better meaningfully ended the ages. The tracking systems used to follow the sun's movements have become more accurate and efficient, leading to better performance and increased energy production. The materials used to construct dual-axis panels have become lighter and more tough, creation them calmer to install and maintain. The control systems used to control the movement of the panels have become more advanced and sophisticated, allowing for improved accuracy and control. As the skill has develop additional extensive, the price of dual-axis solar panels has decreased, making them more accessible to a wider range of customers. Overall, dual-axis solar panels have evolved to become a more efficient and cost-effective way to generate solar power, and they continue to be a general excellent for persons observing to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy. Dynamic solar panels offer improved efficiency and performance compared to static astral panels, but they are also more expensive and need a more complex installation process.




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D. Napoleon, & R. Gopal. (2023). Efficient Solar Panel Tilting Mechanism Using See-Saw Algorithm (Ssa). Chinese Journal of Computational Mechanics, (5), 411–423. Retrieved from http://jslxxb.cn/index.php/jslxxb/article/view/4377